Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pretendian Racist Tries to Colonise Ireland - The attempted return of White Ego Fraud

Thoroughly non-Native Rachel Holzwarth is still calling herself "White Eagle Medicine Woman," even though she promised the real Native Americans who picketed her racist displays that she would stop doing so. She is still dressing in fake Plains NDN regalia, even though she promised NDNs she would stop. She lied. Then she lied some more.

Now she's looking for some place to sell her fake ceremonies and "prayerformances" (her word), and she's hoping she can find some place where there are no NDNs, and where no one cares about misappropriation. Her only performances and workshops in the US in the past five years have been in all-white, gated enclaves. She's gotten some confidence back by selling her pretendian schtick to Jews & tourists in the Middle East. Now, five years after her broken promises, she is once again looking to branch out. This is from her Facebook page (It looks like you will have to temporarily "like" the page to see the posts):

from Holzwarth's Facebook page

Holzwarth photoshopped a version of a spiral from a Christian manuscript into one of her bizarre publicity photos:

It's not even an image of the Newgrange spiral. Ripping off an unrelated image from an Irish manuscript gives her no more connection to Newgrange, or any other Irish sacred site, than does her hanging Australian eagle feathers off that death drum and claiming it gives her the right to represent Native Americans. Yet she has lied and claimed to be "Celtic" just as she has lied about being Seneca. She has never shown that she knows anything at all about Irish (or any other Celtic) culture. She just tried that old racist ploy of thinking "Celtic" can be used as shorthand for "white appropriator." When pressed, she has admitted she is Jewish. There is nothing wrong with being a Jew, but apparently Rachel seems to think so. It looks like she has tried to be lots of things.

The death drum contains human remains and human blood. It is evil, like the racist pretendian fraud who bangs on it, the one who has openly espoused the racist theories of Steiner - suggesting that all the NDNs need to die so the white people can inherit their medicine. Anyone of any spiritual sensitivity who has been near that thing can feel that it is bad, bad ju ju. Anyone with basic human compassion for oppressed people must stand up to this crass exploitation.

She's also putting out feelers in England:

from Holzwarth's Facebook page

Heads up, Irish and English folks, and anyone else in the Isles. Don't let this woman exploit you the way she's tried to exploit Indigenous people everywhere she's gone. Don't let her come to your land, don't let her present there, don't buy her lies.

Don't let her rip us off the way she's ripped off Native Americans. Don't let her steal our ancestors or sell a mangled misrepresentation of us to the capitalist newagers. Don't let her use us to promote her racist agenda.

Go raibh maith agaibh! 

Windigo Disease collage courtesy of When White People Go Bad.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that she's trying to bring the drum to Silbury Hill after the World Drum has been hosted in the south and west of of England by one of the druid groups.I do wonder if that is accidental coincidene or an on purpose one trying use the publicity surrounding the World Drum project.

-Cat G.

Kathryn Price NicDhàna said...

Hi Cat,

Holzwarth has tried to misappropriate the interest around Idle No More - she made a poster of herself with the Death Drum, and put misappropriated #INM political slogans on it. It was a crass attempt to exploit a cause that she harms every time she dons her pretendian costume and bangs on that evil thing, releasing the ashes of human remains and the psychic stench of the blood stolen from a warrior who was assaulted and harmed while trying to stop her.

It seems pretty clear she will attempt to piggyback onto any cause or event that she can exploit to her own ends.

What boggles the mind is that she still manages to fool anyone. But her audiences are miniscule now. Very few are still fooled. I assume she's had to get a day job by now.

Kathryn Price NicDhàna said...

Hi Rachel,

Glad to see you still read my blog.

Just letting you know that Border Control in the Isles has been notified by activists on the ground in the areas where you are trying to get gigs.

Border Control has been informed that you are trying to bring forbidden items into the country. They know how you ship the drum, what the specs are, and how to spot it if you try to sneak it in illegally.

Remember when Fish and Wildlife took your illegal feathers from you in Michigan five years ago? Imagine what it's going to be like when they take the whole Death Drum and destroy it.

I'm looking forward to that evil thing finally being destroyed.

Why can't you just be OK with who you are, Rachel? Why the pretendian schtick? I guess you thought you could make a lot of money at it. And for a little while, here and there, you did. It's good to see those options taken away from you. I encourage you to seek a life that doesn't hinge on blood money and cultural desecration.

Kathryn Price NicDhàna said...

Heads Up! The fraud has booked a gig at a BAR in Galway for December. That's plenty of time to get it cancelled.

Decmber 3 2013, Taaffes Bar, 19 Shop Street - Galway, Ireland - 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

For those of you who don't know, if she were Native she would know you never take an NDN spiritual drum around alcohol. Every step she takes is full of desecrations to all she pretends to hold sacred. Sickening.

Kathryn Price NicDhàna said...

To add insult to injury, look what White Ego Fraud is trying to sell now: White Eagle / White Buffalo Pipe Ceremonial Workshop

She has been contacted by many Natives and allies, including the family of Arvol Looking Horse. Holzwarth has dissembled and lied, agreeing to take down the offensive content, then only altering it, if even that. Once again, Natives are telling her what they think of this, and she is responding with long, ridiculous emails full of self-aggrandizement, alternating condescension with ass-kissing with outright lies.

Rachel, you've been told that any spirits you may be in contact with are lying to you and exploiting you. The bad ju ju is messing with your head. Some very well-respected Natives have been kind enough to let you know what a mess you have created for yourself, as well as how to stop the pain you are in: Stop Exploiting. Stop Selling Your Fake Ceremonies. Try getting a real job and learning to be an honest woman. It won't undo all the damage you've done, but at least it would be a start.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your work Kathryn. It is a great article on this devious woman. I truly hope this woman shuts down her activities but I also see where she will burn out due to the bad vibes she creates. She has emassed a sick following of gullible non-natives and foolish romantics. In love with a culture she has no hope of understanding she continues the genocide of a people. As an ally it is hard to watch this woman continue her assualt on First People. I hope that our friends across the pond will see this woman for what she is. A fraud. Indeed the aboriginals of Australia saw through her guise. There is much wisdom in the oldest living and breathing cultures and of the world and we need to heed their warnings. Thank You again for an amazing blog.

Kathryn Price NicDhàna said...

And thank you, W :)

Sahoni said...

Nice to see somebody is seeing through her lies. Everybody should know the basics. No Medicine man/woman would ask money for their rites or ceremony. Its a sharing experience. Giving food or shelter is just being polite and being a good host that respects his guest.
That aside, never trust ANYBODY who asks money for a ceremony.