Thursday, January 31, 2008

Emergency Callout: If you are anywhere near Tara, or can get there...

Message from Protester on site, via Carmel and TaraWatch:

Tara Calling! Emergency call for Action at Soldier's Hill. Workers
attempting to lay tarmac. Immediate support needed. Spread the word.

2 protesters are currently locked onto a digger at Soldier's Hill. Help
and support needed urgently. Tara on Tara. Situation Critical. Please
contact as many as you can.

Update, Thursday AM, 1/31/08:
Both protesters have been cut from machinery from their lock on protest
and are presently en route to Navan Garda Station. Update later.


BBC Dublin will be at Soldier's hill tomorrow at 3pm for the Friday
Demo. Their documentary will go out in 3 weeks time. More info nearer
to the time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be there, we need people! Thanks

More information as it comes in will most likely hit the mailing list first:, then websites later:

Some suggestions if you can't be there in person: