Monday, June 30, 2008

"My findings on Tara were altered," says archaeologist

Why, oh why, am I not surprised...

My findings on Tara were altered, says archaeologist
Irish Mail on Sunday - 29 June 2008 - By Luke Byrne

A LEADING archaeologist employed to survey the M3 Tara Valley route has claimed her findings were changed to support the motorway when in fact there was evidence against it. In a devastating attack, Jo Ronayne - who was working for the National Roads Authority - says her findings were altered before being presented to ministers. Miss Ronayne, who was an excavation director at the Tara valley site in Co. Meath, claims she was told to 'change interpretations' so as to 'lessen to potential of numbers of sites'. And she says she was excluded from NRA meetings in which her evidence was altered before reports were passed on to the Government.

The damning allegations will shatter the Governments defence that it would not change the Tara route because there is no significant archaeological site on it. And it will lead to disturbing questions about whether ministers - and in turn the public or even the courts - were misled about the archaeological finds.Miss Ronayne, who was directly employed by NRA subcontractor Irish Archaeological Consultancy Ltd, suggests in an explosive academic article that her role appeared to have been a sham. 'I didn't realise that the testing and my reports would be used to facilitate rather than stop the project going ahead. Or that they don't let you write the truth in the reports or give you enough time to do a proper job,' she wrote.

Read the full story, and a press release from TaraWatch

And if you haven't signed the new petition yet... you can read more about it here.

Tara: Voices from Our Past

A short film that examines some of the lesser-known earthworks in the complex surrounding the main site, and compares the stonecarvings in the Mound of the Hostages to the map of the area. Includes footage from one of the vigil camps.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Or, Raven's and my KILLYOUANDEATYOU! article, in Portuguese:


Would you believe, we have Celtic Reconstructionists in Brazil. This is the third piece of mine that's been translated into Portuguese.

This has been Multilingual Celts: Part One. Stay tuned for more. ;-)

Put down the fake chanupa...

... and back away slowly.

Because Graham Greene is armed and dangerous!