Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The CR FAQ, of course

In case you haven't seen it in the 900 other places it's been discussed in the past few days, our CR FAQ project is now published on the web. We are busily preparing the manuscript for the book version, which will be available through the website. Much thanks to all who helped us with this, whether through your contributions, feedback, or kind words when we needed encouragement. Come and check it out.

More on Bobby Sands and the Blanketmen

I did a followup post the next day on LJ:
and a more personal coda here:

The Stardance Project

As a former dancer and choreographer, now sidelined by injuries and identifying a great deal with the protagonists in these books, this is a cause I heartily support. The excerpt below was originally posted on Jeanne and Spider's website:


I'd like your help in making a thirty-year dream of dance in zero gravity come true.

If you've read THE STARDANCE TRILOGY that Spider and I wrote, or the Hugo and Nebula Award winning novella that began them, then the concept of free fall dance is one you've already encountered. The idea even attracted the attention of NASA--and I nearly got to be the first to actually dance in space.

I've been dancing and teaching dance all my life. I was founder and artistic director of Nova Dance Theatre, a professional contemporary dance company, in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 1980-87, and choreographed over 30 original works for performance. When NASA became aware of "Stardance," and my dance background that led to it, I was shortlisted for a seat on the Space Shuttle, as part of NASA's Civilian In Space Program. I was to be the first zero gravity dancer.

But, the program was cancelled when the first civilian chosen for the program was killed in the Challenger Tragedy. Now, twenty years later, I'm being given a second chance to choreograph dance in space…

on film.

Update: News on this project can now be found at