Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wounded Knee Aftermath - May Day 2010

Discussion continues among the Lakota who drove away the Seventh Cavalry yesterday, and among those who have helped get the word out and who stand in solidarity with these warriors.

We now have some video taken on the fly at the incident yesterday. It looks like the videographer was trying to keep the camera hidden. The sound quality is poor due to the wind, but you can see the choppers coming in, and the gunship that touched down. There's a very brief glimpse of the people running out onto the field, then more footage of people speaking to the police.

By all accounts, the confrontation yesterday was firm but peaceful. There has been some confusion and misinformation out there, so if you see quotes from people, I'd suggest checking your sources before running with them. In the heat of the moment there was a lot of speculation, and sometimes people's theories were reported as fact.

Wanbli Tate has posted, "The quote attributed to me saying that Theresa Two Bulls said she had only 24 hours notice of the helicopters coming is not a correct quote."

I'd also like to point out for those who missed it that Autumn Two Bulls, head of the women's warrior society, who we heard on the radio show yesterday, is not Theresa Two Bulls, the tribal president. Some people have confused the two of them, or don't seem to realize these are two different people.

What we know is that the Lakota people and the descendants only found out about the arrival of the Military at Wounded Knee about 18 hours before the attempted landing. How long members of the tribal council knew, and which members of the tribal council knew, is still a bit unclear. There has been no official statement from the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council about the incident.

Brenda Norrell has posted about it here: Lakotas Prevent Blackhawk Helicopters from Landing at Wounded Knee

As has David Sugar: Three blackhawks down and 7th cavalry retreats defeated once again

And Sarah Johns, who was one of the first to post while we were listening to the calls live from the Knee: 7th Cavalry defile Lakota Burial Ground @ Wounded Knee, S.Dakota

A list of the unarmed women, children and men murdered by the Seventh Cavalry at Wounded Knee, December 29, 1890

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One of the posts with clarifications on who sent the choppers: Mystery Military Choppers = Intimidation, No Matter Who Sends Them

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