Saturday, May 29, 2010

So Who are the Dudesons "Honoring" Now?

The image above is from this fansite, where they mention the impending boycott of MTV and all their sponsors if MTV does not pull the shows and issue a public apology to the Native American communities by June 1, 2010.

Well, MTV, are you still happy about hiring these guys?

The Black Indian Confederacy Of North America has joined multiple AIM chapters in calling for a boycott and protests if the deadline is not met:
In regard to MTV's episode entitled "Cowboys and Findians", we find it appalling that in this day and age there are still those who show total disregard for traditional, spiritual and/or religious beliefs, as depicted in film and television. I see MTV's "Cowboys and Findians" as reckless, insulting and repulsive. The episode amounts to nothing more than a modern day American Indian minstrel show; reminiscent of the days of “Black face”. We are here to stand side by side with American Indian movement chapters and all other people/organizations, who, by the way, are of various races, to oppose this act of insensitivity.

MTV should be ashamed and take responsibility by removing this episode and any others that depict indigenous culture as nothing more than a joke... they should also issue a public apology to all indigenous people. I understand that AIM Santa Barbara had asked for a public apology and to remove the episode by June 1st, so if the demanda are not met, we will stand in solidarity with our Indian family, against your network.

Read full statement from BICONA...

The deadline is approaching.

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