Thursday, March 13, 2008

More details from TaraPixie

In addition to the links in my previous post, I would also like to point readers to the rss feed for TaraPixie's Videos from the Front Lines. LiveJournal members can also subscribe to the syndicated feed on LJ.

Right now TaraPixie is usually the best source for the latest footage from the protesters struggling to hold the line against the road crews. Keep an eye on her other page here: for more suggestions on coming to the camp and supplies they need. Such as:


Show your support by being present at the sites. Any amount of time you can give is very welcome. Although some have, many protesters have experienced no violence from security or Gardai. But if you are not comfortable with direct action there are other things you can do; become a legal observer - This is a very responsible position as direct action is not a spectator sport. Bring your camcorder or camera. It is important to show our side of the story.

The Camp always needs food, financial, moral and spiritual support. We also need mobiles, car phone chargers, flasks, batteries, rain-proof clothing, chains and locks.

And again, the mailing address is:
Tara Solidarity Vigil
PO Box 30,
Co. Meath,

Phone numbers:
Vigil Phone: 086 1758 557 (Send a text and they will call you back)
Rath Lugh camp phone: o86 1537 146
another number: 086 3600 478

If you're calling from outside Ireland, you will need to look up your international calling code to key in before the number; the prefix will vary from country to country, and you may need to experiment a bit. For example, in America, the code you need to dial is 011 + 353 + number, and then you drop the first digit from the Ireland number.
So to call from America dial: 011 353 86 1758 557 (Vigil)
011 353 86 1537 146 (Rath Lugh)
or 011 353 86 3600 478

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