Saturday, July 26, 2014

And... MORE videos

Annie and I have been busy. Thanks also to our Gaol Naofa community, who have shared their photos and music, posed for photos, made coffee, driven us to wifi spots while we stared at our laptops, given vital feedback and spotted typos. We're having fun doing these, and have more to come.

This batch includes Lúnasa /Taillte, The Prophecy of the Morrígan, and La Fheill Micheil. For more about the videos, see our blurb on the website, discussion in our various online communities, and our channel itself (notably the Festivals playlist).


Lúnasa  / Taillte

The Prophecy of the Morrígan

Là Fhèill Mìcheil (with customs for Autumn, Lugh, Manannán and Macha)

ETA: Annie goes into more background on the conditions of peace at Lúnasa, and the importance of this tradition in her post.

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