Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick Note on Copyright

Please do not copy and paste entire blog posts on to your blog or other media without the express, written permission of the author. Linking to my posts and including brief quotes with links is always fine, but please respect copyright and the rights of those of us who generate content. Thanks.

This notice is at the bottom of every page on my blog. I am usually totally cool with friends and colleagues quoting at length, or even reposting whole entries as long as they ask. However, not everyone has had the common courtesy to simply ask.

This being the Internet, I know it's hard to enforce this without a dedicated team of lawyers. I'm not interested in shutting down the free flow of information between friends and colleagues. But I'm just reminding folks to practice common courtesy here. I sometimes go back and add updates and additional content to my posts. And even though this is not a for-pay medium, I would like to have at least some control over where my content appears. Again, quoting with credit and linkage is fine, just don't swipe whole posts or personal images (such as the picture of my grandmother or other relatives, or me for that matter) without dropping me a line and getting my OK. OK?

Moran Taing.
image adapted from the carmina gadelica
this version copyright ©2012 kpn

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Treasa said...

THIS. In complete agreement!