Saturday, January 30, 2010

Warrior Women and Winter Emergency in South Dakota

After the devastating ice storms, some of the Reservations in South Dakota have now been without heat, power, or even water for over a week.

More info on how to help on the YouTube page (Click on "more info")

Additional information and comments about this video on CNN's board

Call CNN and demand they cover the emergencies in South Dakota. The situation in Haiti is real to people, and viewers are moved to help, because news networks like CNN show the devastating footage of human suffering, in vivid detail, round the clock. Who wouldn't cry with compassion and want to get on the next plane when we see survivors pulled bleeding from the wreckage as their families cry and pray? It's human for people to care more about those they feel they know, and the media makes this connection for people. But the mainstream media ignores disasters on the reservations, and the current situation is no exception.

Yesterday activists bombarded CNN with calls, demanding coverage. CNN has promised to cover the situation on Pine Ridge, but we need to keep on them and make sure they keep their word. (CNN News Room: 404-827-2658)

For more information on how to help, Supporting SD Rez is posting frequent updates, and checking in with friends on the reservations to make sure the charities they recommend are legit.

Indigenous Rights Movement Radio is having frequent shows on the situation. Listen to the archived show with Grandma Wilma Thin Elk from the Wounded Knee District and Autumn TwoBulls. Last night's show has added momentum to the continuing discussions on increasing sustainable energy, and traditional food production on the reservations, and how these things can bring jobs and improve reservation economies. Any grantwriters out there want to lend a hand?

Autumn TwoBulls and her team, frustrated with the inaction of some of the mainstream charities and tribal councils, are working tirelessly to coordinate contact between families in need and those with the resources to help out.

You can also check out the Pine Ridge website directly, and get updates and contact info for donating to their emergency fund:

This thread on NAFPS includes news stories, friends posting in with updates from Standing Rock, Pine Ridge, and Cheyenne River Reservations, and their personal and professional feedback on relief efforts.

And yes, sign of the apocalypse and all, I'm on Twitter now, and reposting things about this, as well as the usual Gaelic stuff. Twitter is weird, but it sure is a fast way of getting the word out.


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Dear Ms NicDhana,

Hello, my name is Pax or Geoffrey. I have a number of questions and some concerns about Cultural Misappropriation and need to speak to a fellow Pagan who is informed about this issue.

I have spoken out against an event in my local community that I was concerned was an instance of Cultural Misappropriation and have a lot of information, much of in conflicting with what I have read and found so far online, is being thrown about the local e-lists.

Please contact me so that I can, hopefully, start sorting out the facts the feelings and the bs.

Thank you for your time and attention on this,
Pax / Geoffrey
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