Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Book Published!

Published Author, here.

(Why am I reminded of the Kliban cartoon where Jesus is walking down the sidewalk, with bouncers strong-arming people aside and growling, "Make way for the Prince of Peace!")

Uh, sorry, I obviously have some ambivalence around the whole self-promotion thing.

Anyway, yes, published author. Make way. Technically, if periodicals and anthologies count, especially ones that pay, I've been "a published author" since... uh... I think it was 1980 (I swear, I was very young). But this is the first full-length book for which I've gotten top billing.

It is, of course, the book version of The CR FAQ. But now it is also incarnated as a book, with a glossary, index, and all those "My Gods, it's a real book!" bells and whistles. You can read more about it here. Or just go ahead and buy a copy, here.

Preen with me, why don't you?

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